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Half-Space Buns

Half-Space Buns is one of the unique hairstyles that you can try. This hairstyle can be an alternative for those of you who are bored with a mediocre ponytail hairstyle. This is because this hairstyle seems simpler and you can use it every day just to watch or just hang out with friends.

For some people, having curly hair is a bit of a hassle, because we are confused about what to do. Because it has a fluffy texture, you are also required to be smart in choosing a hairstyle so that your hair doesn’t look too puffy.

One of the cute and interesting hairstyles to try for curly hair owners is the Half-Space Buns. This hairstyle can also be used for women with long, straight, or curly hair.

Half-Space Buns are the right alternative for curly hair because they are one of the unique and cute hairstyles to style your hair for the festival. Besides being easy to practice, this hairstyle also makes the face look fresher. To make this hairstyle also does not take much time, you can make your curly hair super nice and charming.

Well, here we give you how to make a Half-Space Buns hairstyle for curly hair owners. Let’s get straight to it.

3 Easy Ways to Shape Hair Into Half-Space Buns For Curly Hair Owners

Half-Space Buns
Half-Space Buns

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Making a bun for curly hair is very easy, you only need a few tools such as a comb and a small safety pin.

Step 1: Comb your hair. Separate the top of the hair from the bottom by lifting the hair up halfway above the ear. Cut, then split in half into left and right sides. Make sure they are neat and balanced. Then lift it as high as possible so it doesn’t get caught in the rest of the hair.

Step 2: Tie with a black or clear hairband like a high ponytail. Do the same on the other side. To get voluminous and tousled hair, gently brush with a comb to make it easier. Be sure not to damage the rubber band or lift it.

Step 3 as well as the last step: If the hair has been tied and teased, pin it tightly and then pin it using a bobby pin so it doesn’t come off easily and looks neater. Don’t forget to use hairspray to make the bun last longer. You can use hair spray according to the condition of your hair. Use hairspray with a formula that can make hair softer and make hair last longer.

Well, that’s 3 easy ways to shape hair into half-space buns for curly hair owners. Hope it inspires.

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