7 Attractive Corner Shelves Ideas To Make Your Room Neatly

Today’s amazing design is corner shelves ideas that can make your home area tidier. The design of the shelves in the house is often ignored by us, even though the function of the existing shelves in the house is very large. In addition to being a place for your belongings, shelves can also make your home look more attractive as long as the design is right and in accordance with your home decoration.

What needs to be considered in order to beautify the room with corner shelves is to choose the design and shape of the shelf. Usually, this corner shelf is used to store items such as books, award trophies, lamps, or home decorations. Not infrequently, corner shelves ideas are also placed in small houses. And this time we want to help you in planning the best corner shelves design ideas for your home.

Here are Attractive Corner Shelves Ideas To Make Your Room Neatly

#1 Corner Living Room Shelves

Corner Ideas For Home
The first idea of a pretty corner shelf in the living room is a beautiful crisp white shelf. This shelf design is so beautiful and is perfect for being in the living room area. This shelf has enough space for you to use to store some of your valuables for you to show to your guests.

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Metal Corner Bookcase
The second design is a shelf design which is very suitable for the living room area because this shelf is suitable for your collection or just for some decoration. So that this shelf can help in beautifying the living room area.

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Modern Shelf Inspiration
And finally, there is a small shelf design that is perfect for the corner area of the living room. You can use a small shelf like this to place several collectibles such as cameras, trophies, and others. Although the shape and design are simple, this shelf is very helpful in beautifying the living room.

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#2 Corner Kitchen Shelves

Corner Cabinet Shelf
There are also luxurious corner shelves in the kitchen. This shelf is made in such a way with several lights in it. The goal is simple because the lights will provide lighting and enhance the shelf’s appearance.
Perfect Corner Shelf In Kitchen
And there is also a simple design by using waste wood and several pieces of iron to support the corner shelves so they don’t fall. A design like this will fit perfectly with your farmhouse kitchen area.

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#3 Corner Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom Corner Shelf Inspiration
Next, there are corner shelves ideas for your bathroom area. This shelf is a simple shelf that you can find in online stores such as Alibaba, Ali express, and many more, of course. In the bathroom, the function of the shelf is preferred so that when we use it it feels comfortable and multifunctional.

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Bathroom Corner Shelving
And finally, there is a simple design of wood that is enchanting in your bathroom area. Made of wood and has a function to place towels and other things with small size such as some spare items in the bathroom shampoo, for example, are tissue and soap.

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