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Twitter Test New Features

Twitter seems to have started testing a new feature, namely Quote Tweet With Reaction which you can use to retweet someone. And currently, the feature is in the testing phase which is certainly very popular on social media especially focusing on videos: reaction videos. Twitter said via its official Twitter that the feature is currently […]

Google Drive

Google Drive is now presenting a special warning to files in its Drive if they are deemed suspicious. The warning appears with a large yellow banner label at the top of the document you open. This is a step for Google to find new ways to protect users from spam and abusive practices of its […]

Bitcoin Price Today

The bitcoin price drops 15% in the past week until today Monday (04/01/2022) it still doesn’t look as stable. From the graph, the movement of Bitcoin still does not give any signs of starting to rise again. Even so, some miners are starting to feel uncomfortable because it is feared that the price of Bitcoin […]

Realme 9i is Launching in India

Today, Realme will launch its newest cellphone which is still included in the Realme 9 family, namely the Realme 9i. The launch of the Realme 9i will be held in India at 12:30 today. The virtual launch event will be broadcast live via Realme India’s Facebook and YouTube. Realme phones made their debut in Vietnam […]

WhatsApp Releases New Drawing Tool Features For Android

WhatsApp added a new drawing tool to Android as well as a new chat bubble color scheme for its Desktop app. For Android, this drawing tool will get a new pencil tool in a future update. But separately, WhatsApp Desktop will receive a new dark blue color and is only visible when using dark theme […]

Disable 2G Connection

Android 12 brings a new feature to users, namely the option to disable 2G connections on their device. This is a new security update for users to prevent their devices from being easily tracked by them. Because usually many people use 2G connections to track and find out someone’s whereabouts. This is likely because there […]

Android 13 Has New Notification Permissions Display

Rumors about Android 13 are starting to surface, and the latest leaked about a more dynamic display of notification permissions. If you haven’t been following the previous news, early leaks of Android 13 suggest that notifications are becoming an opt-in process thanks to new permissions. Previously, we knew that the change would mean a new […]