How to Customize Your Instagram Feed to Be More Interesting

Feed Instagram

Customize your Instagram Feed properly will be able to make your Instagram more attractive. The Favorites Feed usually only shows you from the people in your Favorites list in chronological order. In addition to the default Home feed, Instagram has also added two new feed views, namely Following and Favorites. Instagram’s default “Home” feed shows posts based on your interests …

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How to Send “View Once” Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

View Once Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

View Once is one of the important features in WhatsApp which was recently introduced. You can use this feature to send attachments in a more private way to others. View Once means that the message you send can only be seen once by the recipient, after which the message will expire. This is perfect for you to use when you …

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How To Change Language On Facebook and News Feed

Change Language On Facebook

Change language on Facebook and news feeds are becoming an important part of comfortable social media. Because language can make you understand how to communicate and get information from social media. Currently, Facebook already has more than 2.85 billion monthly active users. One of the reasons why it enjoys such popularity is the availability of social media platforms in multiple …

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Easy Ways to Watch Netflix Videos Without Internet

Watch Netflix Videos Without Internet

Watch Netflix videos without the internet is something that many users crave. Even though this is just a trick you can do to get around if you are going to watch Netflix on the way or when going to a location with a bad internet connection. Netflix is ​​a subscription-based streaming service that allows users to watch TV shows and …

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How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome PC and Smartphone

Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Activating the dark mode on Google Chrome has many benefits, one of which can reduce the intensity of light entering the eyes at night. If you use a screen that is bright enough, this will tire your eyes quickly and even become uncomfortable when you spend a long time in front of the screen. Both on mobile and PC, you …

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2 How To Boot Into Safe Mode on Windows 11

Safe Mode on Windows 11

Safe Mode on Windows 11 is the same as the previous Windows, it’s just that there are several ways to boot it. Safe Mode is a basic Windows mode that you can use to analyze a problem. Through Safe Mode, you can easily spot a problem and allow you to narrow down the source of the problem. That way, it …

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How To Use Reactions Feature on Telegram Like Facebook and Instagram

New Feature on Telegram

The Reactions feature on Telegram is here to provide a comment or upload a special emoji. This is similar to Facebook and Instagram which already have this feature. Some of the Emojis that Facebook usually uses are Like, Happy, Laughing, Angry, and others. In this case, Telegram does not seem to want to be outdone by its predecessors, namely Facebook and …

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