Instagram Testing Subscriptions That Allow Users To Pay For Content From Creators

Instagram Testing Subscriptions

Instagram testing subscriptions that allow users to pay for content subscriptions from content creators. This feature is intended to help content creators monetize their content by letting their fans contribute more broadly. As quoted from Adam Mosseri as Head of Instagram announced the feature on Wednesday. He explained that the feature is still in its infancy and will help content …

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Android 12 Gives Users Option To Disable 2G Connections on Their Devices

Disable 2G Connection

Android 12 brings a new feature to users, namely the option to disable 2G connections on their device. This is a new security update for users to prevent their devices from being easily tracked by them. Because usually many people use 2G connections to track and find out someone’s whereabouts. This is likely because there are times when your device …

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Microsoft Immediately Fixes Windows 11 HDR Color Issues

Windows 11 HDR Color Issues

In late 2021, Microsoft admitted to having Windows 11 HDR color issues affecting its image editing apps. However, it is reported that Microsoft has released a fix for the issue that went to Windows Insiders in the Beta channel and will soon reach the final Windows 11 build. In detail, this bug causes the HDR color display to be garbled. For …

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