Download and Install Chrome 97, Here’s the New Features!

Google Chrome 97 has been released. Of course, every time there is an update there will be some new features, whether it’s just an improvement from the previous feature or a completely new feature that wasn’t in the previous version.

Chrome 97 has been promoted to a strong channel and is now available for download. The new release brings a few tweaks and improvements, but nothing too electrifying. You can count on some simplification when you want to remove local information stored by websites, more favorable support for global keyboard layouts.

Here are some updates that will be found:

Download Chrome 97

HDR improvements for CSS

What started as a test in Chrome 94 will remain in Chrome 97. Web creators can now use CSS to poll whether or not their currently displayed website screen supports HDR content. With those panels increasingly becoming the norm, this is a welcome change.

Delete all facts stored through the websites you visit

Websites store very little information about us, however, until now, Chrome has only allowed you to delete personal cookies. One of the major privacy enhancements in Chrome 97 is the ability to delete all data and facts that a website has stored on your visits. To achieve that, open Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > View Permissions and Data Stored Across Sites.

Chrome Will Keep the Zoom settings for every online website

When browsing websites on a computing device, Chrome remembers your zoom settings. If you choose to zoom out on the selected website, it will live like that the next time you visit the page. That doesn’t happen on mobile, however. With Chrome ninety-seven, Google solves that problem, as long as you allow flags for the functionality. Just Go to chrome:flags#enable-accessibility-page-zoom, then enable the flag.

Installed easy apps will enjoy extra locales on the desktop

Progressive web applications which you set up onto your pc can now display content material within the top software bar, permitting them to show elements consisting of the quest bar, identity, or navigation buttons proper above, in any other case wasted vicinity. We previously covered this while it turned into first released as a check on Chrome ninety-three.

Better Global Keyboard on Chrome

The new APIs make it simpler for websites to choose up which keyboard you are the usage of, with these upgrades being especially critical for instances like while Microsoft Office internet applications run exclusively indoors offerings together with Outlook or Teams. This won’t be as a great deal of a hassle as you would possibly enjoy whilst the usage of a US keyboard, however in case you live anywhere else within the world, you’ve in all likelihood already skilled this — web sites will every so often default to America keyboard layout, even inside the case of your unique frame keyboard having symbols else written on it.

How to Get Google Chrome 97

Chrome will automatically install a replacement on your device when it becomes available. To now manually check and install any updates, click the 3-dot menu icon and click Help > About Google Chrome.


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