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Google Tests Smart Download Feature For Android
Written By Rebecca

Google is currently testing a new smart download feature that allows users to enjoy YouTube content without relying on a data connection. ​The new YouTube Smart Download feature can automatically download videos when your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi.

YouTube Smart Downloads Feature
YouTube Smart Downloads Feature

As YouTube Music previously offered a similar Smart Download function that automatically downloads music when connected to a Wi-Fi connection based on your history. And now Google is testing it on the main YouTube app with similar convenient features for videos.

Google Tests Smart Download Feature For Android Youtube App

Smart Downloads on YouTube’s main app will automatically download multiple videos each week based on an algorithm for videos recommended for you, so when you’re on the move, you can watch them and save mobile data.

For now, the feature is being tested with a limited number of users in Europe only, who have received requests on their Android phones to try out the new Smart Downloads feature within their YouTube app. Once you sign up to test it, the app will download 20 videos every week when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

But you need to know that this also has an effect on your phone’s internal storage memory. The more videos that are downloaded offline, the more capacity the Youtube application will have on your phone which can accommodate a lot of your offline videos.

It is known for the first time that the testing of this new feature for YouTube was discovered by 9to5Google. As per the report, the Smart Downloads feature will automatically download 20 videos each week when the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Then the user can access the offline content under the Smart Downloads heading by going to the Downloads page from the Library tab.

This new feature is only accessible to Premium subscribers in Europe. You can enable it via Settings => Try new features => Give it a try. You can try this trial before February 14th to participate in the testing phase.

The app will always notify you if you are running out of storage before downloading any video and you can view the downloaded videos in the Library tab with the remaining downloaded videos.

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