How to Customize Your Instagram Feed to Be More Interesting

Customize your Instagram Feed properly will be able to make your Instagram more attractive. The Favorites Feed usually only shows you from the people in your Favorites list in chronological order.

In addition to the default Home feed, Instagram has also added two new feed views, namely Following and Favorites. Instagram’s default “Home” feed shows posts based on your interests and activity including posts from people you don’t follow. Whereas the “Following” Feed only shows posts from accounts you follow.

How to Customize Your Instagram Feed
How to Customize Your Instagram Feed

Meanwhile, the “Favorites” feed lets you see posts from your favorite people whose content you don’t want to miss. You can add these accounts to your Favorites list and view their latest posts from the last 30 days. Instagram won’t notify those people when you add or remove them from your Favorites list.

How to Customize Your Instagram Feed to Be More Interesting

Define Grid Layout

Determining the layout of your posts on the feed is the first thing that can make your posts more interesting. This will help you decide what photos to place next to other photos. The layout will make it easier for you to create an aesthetic and consistent IG feed.


Choosing a theme can be one way to make your Instagram feed look more attractive. Themes show your visual personality. Choosing a special theme can help build personal branding through Instagram! Most people only use Instagram for daily photo updates. That’s why sometimes the appearance of the feed looks less attractive.

Setting Post Order

Curious why content creators’ Instagram feeds can look esthetic? One of the reasons is because they know which photos look good next to each other. The tip is to arrange the order of posts or their layout before posting on Instagram.

Photo Quality

One way to make your Instagram feed look cool is to post high-quality photos. Photos with good resolution will look sharper and clearer. You can outsmart it by editing the photo before uploading it. Add contrast and sharpness when editing photos to make photos look more quality.

That’s an easy way that you can do to customize your Instagram Feed. Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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