How Decorate Living Room To Make it More Modern

In a house, the living room is one of the important rooms that must exist. The living room is room to entertain guests who come to the house. Therefore, the majority of the location of the living room is at the front of the house.

Best Modern Living Room Decoration
Best Modern Living Room Decoration from apartmenttherapy

However, sometimes the living room is also used as a family. A space that can be used as a place to gather, chat and chat at any time with your family. Even so, you can also use the living room as an entertainment room where you can watch TV at any time. But in particular, the living room functions as a space to receive guests who come to the house.

Some Important Elements In The Living Room

In a living room, there are several elements that must exist so that the living room can function properly:


The living room is identical to a relaxing room, which of course requires furniture, at least a table and chairs. There are many choices of furniture to choose from, ranging from sofa chairs and no less important is the storage section. Adjust the type of seat to the design of the house to make it more harmonious when you see it.


Lighting is an element that has an important role in a living room. Without good lighting, the living room will not be attractive and even tend to be boring. Well, with the right lighting, the living room can create a warmer and more intimate atmosphere.


As a sweetener, choose some additional decorations with sweet accessories. There are several options that can be used as options such as paintings, family photos, or large mirrors. Well, here the author provides an easy way to decorate the living room to make it seem more modern and comfortable.

How Decorate Living Room To Make it More Modern

Choose Sofa Chair

To give a modern impression to your living room, choose a chair with a sofa type so that the living room will be more comfortable and impressive. Sure, you can furnish your sofa with a matching set of pillows, but where’s the fun in that? Try playing with patterns. For a foolproof approach, stick with a two or three-color palette and pair the design with large-scale lines or patterns.

Add Greenery

Green plants are one way to create a fresher feel in a room. Choose green plants that are your favorite so that you are not allergic to these plants.

You can try an ivory betel plant placed in a hanging pot, a succulent grouping for a bookshelf, or even a potted olive tree in the corner all of which can instantly give life to a living room.

Choose One Bold Accent

Place a piece of high-value art in the room. This will make the living room look more valuable. Combine it with a sofa cushion cover color that matches the color scheme of the artwork.

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