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How to Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire Tablet
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Amazon Fire Tablet don’t have Google Play Store apps built-in. Therefore you will find it difficult to install the application because you have to download the APK file first. But the good news is that you can also install the Google Play Store application on the tablet.

How to Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire Tablet
How to Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire Tablet from amazon

Amazon Fire tablets run on the Fire OS system, a modified version of Android. That means you can install the Google Play Store and subsequently access millions of Android apps and games, including Google apps like Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, and more on your Amazon Tablet.

In the past, installing Google apps on Amazon Tablet required quite complicated command line steps. But now, thanks to the efforts of independent programmers, you can use your Windows PC to sideload the Google Play Store and all the other Google Play Services you want to load onto the latest Amazon Fire tablet.

Step by Steps to Install Google Play Store App to Amazon Fire Tablet

Enable USB Debugging

Before running the Fire Toolbox software on a PC, you must enable USB debugging on your Amazon Fire Tablet.

  1. Open the Settings app. Select Device Options.
  2. Go to About Fire Tablet. Then tap on Serial Number until you open Developers Options.
  3. Return to the previous screen and select Developer Options. Enable Developer Options.
  4. Then scroll the screen and enable USB debugging.

You can always turn off USB debugging and Developer options after installing Google Play Services on your device, but firmware updates for tablets may require performing these steps again.

Install and Set Up Fire Toolbox On PC

After setting up your tablet for USB Debugging, it’s time to set up your PC. Unfortunately, the Fire toolbox is only compatible with Windows. However, according to the developer, this software can run on virtual machine installations using Virtual Machines:

  1. Install Fire Toolbox on Windows PC.
  2. Plug the tablet into your computer. Then open the Fire Toolbox application.
  3. Select a theme for the application.
  4. When setting up ADB on a PC, authorize the computer to access the tablet when the Fire tablet prompts for Allow USB Debugging by checking the Always allow from this computer box and tap OK.

How to Install Google Play Store Amazon Fire Tablet

To install the Google Play Store and other Google apps, follow these steps:

  1. Click Google Services.
  2. Click on Execute Tool.

The Fire Toolbox app will automatically download and install the Google Play Services system, as well as the Google Play Store. After installation, it is recommended to wait a few minutes before using the Google Play Store. According to developer Fire Toolbox, Google Services will be updated in the background, including Google Play Protect.

Then, go to Google Play Store, and simply sign in with your Google Account. Previous purchases and subscriptions should be automatically imported into the Fire Tablet.

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