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How To Make Industrial Bathroom Style Ideas
Written By Maria

If we think back to an industrial bathroom style, of course, it will remind us of the elegant and cool impression of this design and decoration. Industrial design is an interior design and European architecture due to the many former factory buildings that are no longer in use. In order not to be neglected, adjustments have been made so that these buildings can be used as proper and comfortable residences.

The industrial style usually uses monochromatic colors and seems masculine. Some of the materials used also tend to be rough, such as metal and steel, which are deliberately exposed to show their character. Therefore the appearance of this style is so amazing and very cool for a room. And this time we will give you inspiration on how to create an industrial atmosphere in your bathroom area.

Here are some ways to make industrial bathroom style ideas :

#1 Show Exposed Brick Wall or Concrete Wall

Industrial Bathroom With Concrete Walls
Image Source

Exposed brick walls or concrete walls are two designs that you often find in industrial bathrooms. These two wall designs are indeed very suitable for making industrial designs look cooler and more attractive.

#2 Use Dark Color

As we already know, many Industrial designs and decorations feature dark and elegant factory colors. The colors that are often used are dark black and brown. Even so, you can also use bright colors, but only like grays and whites.

#3 Use Iron-Based Interiors

And to create an industrial bathroom style, you can try applying the iron concept in your bathroom. Where you have to use the bathroom interior with an iron-based material to make it more in line with the design you are going to make. For example, for interior use with iron-based materials such as the bathtub you usually use, try replacing it with a bathtub that uses iron or brass to make it more suitable.

#4 Use A Window That Is Large Enough In Factory Style

Illustration Industrial Decor
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Large windows are a major element in industrial design and decoration. You don’t have to make a big window here very big for a bathroom area which is a private room. You just need to provide a window that is large enough with an inherent industrial style. An example is like the design above.

#5 Show Iron Pipe

Use Iron Pipes For A Steampunk Feel
Image Source

The iron pipe here serves to give a Steampunk impression in industrial bathroom style. Steampunk itself is a style that is still closely related to industrial design. And when we try to apply it in industrial design, we will find a perfect fit.

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