How To Make Short Hair Braids

Short hair braids are quite an interesting thing to discuss. Because braiding hair is usually only done on long hair. But what if what you want to braid is short hair?

Braiding short hair may not be thought of by most people because they think it is quite a difficult thing. But make no mistake, now there are many ways and styles of trendy and beautiful short hair braids that can even change your appearance to be more charming. Even without complicated hair ornaments hair already looks fashionable.

Although there are still many who are confused about how to braid short hair, variations of hair braids can sweeten your short hair. How to braid short hair is not only fixated on a boring classic braid style. Now is the time for you to experiment with braiding your bangs to create a unique accent on your short hair.

How to braid hair on this one is not difficult to do, really. The only thing you need to master is a simple Dutch braid technique.

Here’s an Easy Way To Short Hair Braids With Double Braids

Braid Short Hairstyle Ideas
Braid Short Hairstyle Ideas from allthingshair

We don’t have to have long hair first if we want to style it with a braided model. Short hair can be braided, as long as the length is still sufficient. At least to the neck or shoulders.

  1. For this style, we will make a pair of braids on the front of the head. These two braids should be similar to each other based on their position, thickness, and length.
  2. Part the middle of the hair with a comb, then after that comb the hair to both sides.
  3. Take a handful of hair from the right, then pin it. Then take the hair from the left with the same thickness and pin it.
  4. After that, remove the right side of the hair that has been pinned earlier, then divide it into three equal parts. Start braiding from the part of the hair toward the back of the ear. Cross the right section to the center, so that the middle turns into the right.
  5. Then cross the left section to the center, so that the center turns to the left. Keep crossing it until the braid is near the ends of your hair. Leave a little at the end, then tie it with a hair elastic. Pinch the braid so that it attaches to the side of the head. Then tie it on the back.

Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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