Microsoft Begins Testing Android Apps to Windows 11 in Next Month’s Preview

Microsoft will likely start testing Android apps to Windows 11 in a Preview release next month. This indicates that it is increasingly clear that Android applications will be able to run properly on Windows 11.

Considering this rumor has emerged since 2021 that Windows 11 users will be able to run their Android applications directly through a computer. A few months ago, this trial was delayed and Microsoft will only announce it in the fall of 2022.

Microsoft Begins Testing Android Apps to Windows 11
Microsoft Begins Testing Android Apps to Windows 11

This feature has actually become one of the most awaited by many users, with its ability to access Android applications from the desktop. Unfortunately, Windows 11 will not immediately support this feature at launch in October 2021.

And the good news is that Microsoft is starting to give a breath of fresh air to this feature. Next month, the First Public Preview will be released soon, one of which will bring the Android app trial feature to Windows 11. In addition, Microsoft will also provide several other improvements to the taskbar as well as Notepad and Media Player applications that are more attractively redesigned.

As the Head of Windows, Panos Panay revealed in a blog post on Wednesday (26/1/2022) that they update this time will be part of the first major update of Windows 11.

On the taskbar, improvements include mute and unmute features as well as the possible ability to display the clock on the secondary monitor. As both were missing on the launch of Windows 11, but Microsoft is still working on improving the taskbar further to bring back the missing functionality like drag and drop.

Quoting from The Verge, Wednesday (26/1/2022), Windows 11 coming next month will also include a weather widget that returns to the taskbar, a feature Microsoft started testing last month. Microsoft has also redesigned its Notepad and Media Player apps and both include a dark mode and design tweaks that are more compatible with Windows 11.

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