Windows 11 HDR Color Issues
Written By Bryan Gallant

In late 2021, Microsoft admitted to having Windows 11 HDR color issues affecting its image editing apps. However, it is reported that Microsoft has released a fix for the issue that went to Windows Insiders in the Beta channel and will soon reach the final Windows 11 build.

In detail, this bug causes the HDR color display to be garbled. For example, if the user chooses white, then what appears is yellow. This bug does make the HDR monitor mess up while also running certain image editor applications.

Fixes Windows 11 HDR Color Issues
Fixes Windows 11 HDR Color Issues

As Microsoft revealed, after installing Windows 11, some image editing programs may not render colors correctly on certain high dynamic range (HDR) displays. It is often observed in white, which can be shown in bright yellow or other colors.

Microsoft Fixing Windows 11 HDR Color Issues

There’s a huge list of new things coming to Windows 11 in this update, but most of those updates are minor bug fixes. But one of the things that will impact users the most is a fix for HDR color issues. Since the problem occurs in the image editing software, it is a pretty big problem because color accuracy is very important when you are working as a graphic designer.

Some of the other fixes also include improvements to the reliability of installing apps on ARM64 devices and an issue that causes ARM64 devices to stop responding during hibernation or wake up from hibernation. Basically, if you’re running Windows 11 on an ARM chip, you should see some substantial improvements.

Microsoft itself has said that it will fix this bug before the end of January 2022. Although it is annoying, this bug only affects a small number of Windows 11 users.

In addition, many users complain that the bugs in Windows 11 are no different from those in Windows 10. In addition to interface bugs, Windows 11 users also complain about applications and programs that don’t run properly or ‘smoothly’ in Windows 11. That’s all, some users have also complained about application compatibility issues in Windows 11.

Other fixes include fixing an issue affecting predictive pre-rendering in Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode, tweaking an issue that caused the audio service to stop responding on some devices that support hardware-accelerated Bluetooth audio, and many other things.

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