PUBG New State Officially Changed its Name to New State Mobile!

The PUBG New State game has now officially changed its name to New State Mobile. This is officially known from PUBG New State’s official website and their social media accounts have now undergone changes over the past few days. One of them is related to the title change which changed to New State Mobile.

New State Mobile
New State Mobile

As quoted from Dot Esports, a spokesperson for Krafton confirmed that the name of the game is indeed being changed. “New State has always been a mobile-focused experience, so we’re just leaning towards it. While players can still get the intense and competitive PUBG gameplay, this version is really tailor-made to get the best mobile gaming experience possible,” the spokesperson told Dot Esports.

Although the name PUBG has changed its name to New State Mobile, the account name and game name* that appear in the application have not changed. Chances are all names will change with updates in the next few weeks.

PUBG New State fans and players who are aware of this also assume that this is part of Krafton’s plan to release PC and console versions of New State without mobile frills. However, Krafton immediately denied this by confirming that New State Mobile will only be devoted to mobile-only.

Not only that, Krafton also added that there will be many other changes related to this game that will take place this year, such as BR: Extreme Mode which was just released this January.

Here Are Some Important Changes To The New State Mobile Game

The change in the name of PUBG New State to New State Mobile is not only impressed by a title. But there will be a lot of changes coming to the New State Mobile game after this change and there will be more information to be revealed at “late this year”.

Krafton also says that players can start seeing “some evolution” with the new Battle Royale: Extreme Mode. This Extreme Mode was added as part of the latest update in January 2022 that features a more intense battle royale experience.

This mode only features 64 players in a smaller area of ​​the Troi map. But with the same goal, which is to be the last person standing. This game mode also only lasts 20 minutes and the number of items that can be booted is also more than before. Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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