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Sweet and Savory Blueberry Milk Tart Recipe

Blueberry Milk Tart

Blueberry Milk Tart is one of the delicious dishes that we can enjoy together with family and closest people. This dessert is made of wheat cracker and melted butter for the crust, while the top layer is made from a mixture of pasteurized milk and Ricotta cheese mixed with a gelatin solution. This Blueberry Milk Tar can be a dessert …

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Fried Ice Cream Recipe

Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream is a dessert in the form of fried ice cream. This dish is made by taking a scoop of very cold, temperature-controlled ice cream that is placed on a sheet of flattened bread, then rolled in a flour mixture, smeared with a raw egg, rolled in cornflakes, or biscuit crumbs, and deep-fried for a short time. Even …

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Apple Strudel Recipe with Cream

Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel is one of the crunchy and savory pastries that you can try to make yourself at home. This Austrian snack is usually made with an apple setup stuffed with sugar and cinnamon. The sweet and sour taste and crunchy texture that can usually be used as a strudel filling make it suitable as a dessert. But to taste …

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Easy Classic Waffle Recipe

Classic Waffle

Classic Waffle is one of those sweet treats that can never go wrong. These cakes and snacks are perfect for your relaxing time. This simple sweet food certainly has a delicious and appetizing taste. Just looking at the picture will make you salivate, especially if you manage to make it. Inhaling the aroma and tasting the taste will make you …

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