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Shrimp Fried Meatball Snack Recipe

Shrimp Fried Meatballs is one of the savory and delicious snacks that are suitable to be enjoyed with family at home. The combination of shrimp with flour and spices that make it fragrant is suitable to be processed into meatballs, it is very delicious. You can make frozen food stock at home. When served warm, […]

Scotch Egg
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Scotch Egg is a delicious snack made from meat or sausage and eggs which is one of the menus that are present during a picnic. The texture is crispy and crunchy because of the bread flour and on the inside, the savory egg makes a different taste sensation and will definitely make us addicted. Not […]

Fried Cheese Balls

Fried Cheese Balls are one of the most tantalizing snacks even when you just look at them. Its crunchy texture with a savory and salty taste that fits right in maybe immediately imagined when talking about this one snack. Especially if you make it a friend while enjoying a relaxing time it will be very […]

Churros With Powdered Sugar and Chocolate Jam

Churros With Powdered Sugar and Chocolate Jam is a delicious snack. Churros are a typical Mexican snack with a basic dough of choux which is a light pastry dough. The texture is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, making Churros a favorite snack. Churros you can enjoy with chocolate sauce, cinnamon powder, […]

Banana Pom Pom

Banana Pom Poms are one of the easiest snacks to make. Not only that, the ingredients used are very simple. This snack is made from bananas wrapped in a mixture of flour and cornstarch, water, and sugar. Because it is made from bananas, it makes it suitable to eat because it is not only delicious […]

Shrimp Potato Croquette

Shrimp Potato Croquette is one of the suitable snacks to accompany the chat and lighten up the atmosphere. How not, this snack combines savory and delicious flavors at the same time. As we know, many people like snacks with a savory taste. Because this savory snack is very delicious when eaten warm, you can enjoy […]