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Written By Rebecca

The new Voiceover feature seems to be coming to Youtube Short soon. This is reinforced by the many rumors that say that Youtube Short will present a voice button that allows creators to record sound without the need for third-party video editing applications.

Previously, YouTube introduced Shorts in 2020, one of which was present as a direct competitor to TikTok which experienced significant growth. The 60-second video allows users to edit in-app with a number of basic filters, captions, and color corrections.

Voiceover Feature Coming Soon to YouTube Shorts
Voiceover Feature Coming Soon to YouTube Shorts

However, now it seems that there is no need to do this when uploading videos on Youtube Short. The Voice-over button will later allow you to edit videos faster without having to move them to third-party applications. As this was also revealed by XDA Developers found traces of this capability in the beta version of the application code. YouTube is expected to add a special button that will allow users to record sound and embed it on a video before uploading it on Youtube Short.

In addition, there are rumors that there will be two lines referring to the position of the text. This is especially useful for helping creators while recording voice-overs.

Previously, Youtube has also added other supporting features such as taking audio from Youtube videos, video filters, text, and captions. Until now, Youtube has not shared information regarding when this feature will be officially launched. As mentioned above, this feature will help creators to be more creative.

Not only that, YouTube has also become one of the newest platforms that have also shown its interest in exploring the realm of NFT. In a letter to creators regarding priorities for 2022, CEO Susan Wojicki said YouTube is exploring ways for creators to benefit from NFT. Wojicki said that Web3 has become a source of inspiration for YouTube. However, Wojicki did not explain in detail how YouTube would integrate NFT into his platform.

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