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WhatsApp Desktop Will Soon New Features

WhatsApp desktop seems to be bringing a new feature soon which can pause when you are about to send a voice message. This can be seen in the Beta update which is already in the testing phase.

This new feature will later allow users to pause and resume voice recordings if you record them using WhatsApp desktop. So indirectly you can first review the sound recordings that you make before sending them.

WhatsApp Desktop Will Soon To Pause While Recording Voice
WhatsApp Desktop Will Soon To Pause While Recording Voice from wabetainfo

The latest beta version of WhatsApp Desktop is now testing the ability to pause and resume voice recordings while they are playing in chats. You can do this before sending it to your contacts. Actually, this feature is now available on WhatsApp for iOS, but it hasn’t made its way to the Android version of the app yet.

The new pause button was discovered by WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, on the latest WhatsApp Desktop beta. As mentioned in the post, WhatsApp for Desktop does feature the ability to listen to voice messages before sending them. Now, the company is rolling out this feature that allows you to pause and resume audio recordings you’ve made. The pause button has indirectly replaced the old stop button which means the user has to listen to the entire sound recording from the beginning.

Based on WABetaInfo, WhatsApp desktop version 2.2201.2 beta brings this new modification to all users. Unlike the beta version of the iOS app, the public beta of WhatsApp for Desktop allows anyone to register, which means you can preview the feature before the release of the stable version of the app into the Desktop app.

Whereas on its iOS version, WhatsApp has brought the same ability to pause voice notes after recording them in beta version since October 2021.

Apart from that, WhatsApp is also testing a new animation for the heart emoji, to match the animated red heart emoji on the latest WhatsApp beta version 22.2.72 for iOS users.

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