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YouTube Update New UI to Mobile

YouTube is reportedly updating the user interface (UI) for a new video player on its Android and iOS apps. These new UI elements will be visible to users when you’re playing a video in landscape mode on the YouTube mobile app.

These UI elements will later include a button to like or dislike the video, add comments, and more. YouTube’s new video player UI elements are expected to make interacting with videos easier than ever.

YouTube Update New UI to Mobile Version
YouTube Update New UI to Mobile Version from firstpost

As per tipster from Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24), YouTube is showing some new video player UI buttons within its Android and iOS apps. These elements include shortcuts to like, dislike, comment, save to playlist, and share. These buttons will later appear in the lower-left corner of the video player in full-screen mode.

This news also appeared on the 9to5google site which mentions a new change to its mobile YouTube interface (UI). A row of buttons (using YouTube’s thin line-style iconography) at the bottom of the screen that lets you like, dislike open comments in the right sidebar, save to playlists, and share.

Whereas the old version hides most of these features behind a swipe up in the “more videos” section. Where the new version places it front and center, lower the associated video to a button in the corner. It’s worth noting that this change only appears when you’re watching in full screen, as most apps look the same when you’re watching a video in portrait mode. However, doing so gives the advantage of having easy access to share buttons and other controls.

Now, you also get it when you watch in landscape view. You can also now easily access a mode that lets you view comments to the side of the video while in landscape mode.

As quoted from The Verge, Google Spokesperson Allison Toh said, the new UI will come for iOS and Android, and start rolling out on Monday, January 31, 2022.

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