Do It Yourself ! Easy Ways To Clean A Dirty Kitchen
Written By Maria

When I stepped into the kitchen, I felt anxious to clean a dirty kitchen. How not, when our kitchen looks dirty, it will definitely affect the comfort in the kitchen. And indeed the kitchen is a part that should get extra attention when it comes to cleaning the house. How not, after cooking, the kitchen can be very dirty due to spilled food ingredients to used oil.

If not handled properly, it will affect the food hygiene and the health of residents. By cleaning the kitchen regularly we can get an area that is free from germs and bacteria. Of course, activities at home will be even more comfortable. So, how do you clean a dirty kitchen easily? Check out the method below.

1. Get used to washing dirty dishes and other kitchen utensils

Get Used To Washing Dirty Dishes And Other Kitchen Utensils
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Cleaning a dirty kitchen, of course, cannot be separated from the habit of washing dishes. If we make dirty dishes pile up in the sink, of course, it will make the kitchen look dirty. In washing dishes and glasses, of course, there are good ways for us to do it. You can wash small parts of your kitchen utensils in advances such as glasses and spoons. Then when the small part is finished, you can wash the serving utensils such as plates and trays.

2. Cleaning used oil in the kitchen

Cleaning Used Oil In The Kitchen
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When cooking using oil, of course, the oil will spread and make our kitchen area dirty. If the oil is not cleaned first, it will be excruciating when we want to clean it. And this time, to clean the kitchen that is dirty because of oil we collect several ways.

The trick is that we can use dish soap, boiling water, baking soda, and ammonia.

3. Routine Cleaning the Trash

Routine Cleaning The Trash
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When you have a trash can that is often full, you should clean it right away. Use a Plastic or Trash Bag so that it is easier for you when you want to clean your trash. This method can also keep your trash from falling everywhere.

4. Frequently Cleaning the Kitchen Floor

Frequently Cleaning The Kitchen Floor
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Kitchen floors should be completely free of dirt and grease. You can clean your kitchen floor by sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor using water and a mop at least twice. If you are using vinyl flooring, you can use toothpaste to clean it.

5. Clean the refrigerator regularly

Clean The Refrigerator Regularly
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To keep the refrigerator hygienic, throw away any leftovers that are in the refrigerator. When you want to clean the refrigerator it is necessary to lower the shelves, trays, and attachments that are in it. Then you can soak these items in a food-friendly antibacterial cleaner to make them even more hygienic.

6. Check Air Circulation

Check Air Circulation
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The kitchen is an area that often gets uncomfortable odors due to accumulated cooking odors. To get rid of the smell of food leftovers, you can start by always checking and cleaning the ventilation area. Don’t forget to turn on the extractor fan or open a window.

How? interesting and very easy not for you to try. Hopefully what we provide gives you comfort and convenience.

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