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View Once Photos and Videos on WhatsApp
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View Once is one of the important features in WhatsApp which was recently introduced. You can use this feature to send attachments in a more private way to others. View Once means that the message you send can only be seen once by the recipient, after which the message will expire.

This is perfect for you to use when you want to send a secret image or video to a certain person. Now the view once feature can be used for all WhatsApp users wherever you are.

How to Send View Once Photos and Videos on WhatsApp
How to Send View Once Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

Get to know the View Once feature on WhatsApp

In simple terms, this feature allows you to send media either photos or videos which will be automatically deleted once you open it. Media sent or received using the WhatsApp View Once feature cannot be forwarded, saved, starred, and shared. However, if you don’t open it at all, the message will expire automatically after 14 days.

Not only the recipient, but you as the sender will also not be able to see it again. The WhatsApp View Once feature is also protected by end-to-end encryption, meaning that WhatsApp cannot access media, similar to private messages.

How to send view once photos and videos on WhatsApp

You need to note, this feature is only available on the latest version of the application. So, for those of you who want to use it, you must first update the application version through the Google Play Store. Once the WhatsApp app is updated, all you need to do is perform the following steps:

  1. Open the chat with the person you want to send the photo or video to.
  2. Tap the Camera icon, then select the media you want to send, similar to when you want to send a photo or video to another contact.
  3. Next, you will see a new circular icon with the number 1 in it. This icon is located near the Submit button. This is the icon of the View Once feature.
  4. Now, to send a photo that can only be viewed once, click the icon. Finally, tap the Send icon for the message to be sent.

Hopefully, it can be useful for you.

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