Impressive Eco-Friendly Home - Kitchen With Living Room

Currently, the design of the living room with kitchen in a house or apartment is becoming a trend. As we know that a house or apartment must have several rooms namely, a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. But houses with large sizes have many additional spaces such as a family room, dining room, children’s playroom, storage room, or even have a secret room. But not with a minimalist house or apartment.


Well usually for minimalist homes or apartments, the living room is designed to blend with the kitchen or the term living room kitchen combo. So with the concept of an open kitchen directly facing the living room. Or the kitchen is designed with a minimalist bar concept. Depending on the owner of the house or apartment kitchen design what they like.

The advantage of the concept of a living room with a kitchen is that your house will look spacious because there is no divider between the kitchen and the living room. So if you have a tiny house or live in an apartment you can apply this idea to get more comfort than a kitchen separated by a wall with your living room which causes your home to look cramped and tight.

If you have the intention of wanting to renovate the interior of your cramped apartment or your tiny house, try this concept. And you will feel a big difference between the previous design and this design. Look at the pictures below to help you understand the concept of the living room with the kitchen.

5 Stunning Living Room With Kitchen For Apartment


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Thus we present this post for those of you who live in a minimalist house or apartment with a small size and want to look more spacious, so the idea is to make a kitchen with a living room without walls. Both with the concept of an open kitchen or mini bar kitchen.

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