Pixar’s Turning Red Fails to Premiere in Cinema, But Will Show On Disney+

Pixar’s Turning Red has finally officially left theaters to premiere live on Disney+. This is a premiere film that was supposed to premiere in theaters and only entered Disney Plus after 30 days of screening. But now Disney has announced a change of plans for its upcoming family film, Pixar’s Turning Red.

Pixar's Turning Red Fails to Premiere in Cinema
Pixar’s Turning Red Fails to Premiere in Cinema

According to the press release, instead of hitting theaters on March 11, it will now “exclusively premiere in homes worldwide on Disney Plus” on March 11. However, there is no mention of Premier Access’ video-on-demand setup as previously set up by the Mulan company.

Disney’s Head of Media & Entertainment Distribution, Kareem Daniel was seen announcing theatrical releases for many of the 2021 films in September. But in a statement about Pixars’ Turned Red, he said, “Given the delayed box office recovery, particularly for the family series, flexibility remains at the heart of our distribution decisions as we prioritize delivering The Walt Disney Company’s unrivaled content to audiences the whole world.” So this is what later became one of the reasons why Pixars Turned Red premiered directly through Disney Plus.

The Pixar’s Turning Red Movie at a Glance

The film ‘Turning Red‘ tells the story of Mei Lee, a confident but tacky 13-year-old boy who turns into a giant red panda when he gets too excited, where teenagers his age are very easy to react to.

Turning Red is a Pixar animated film directed by Domee Shi, the person behind the Pixar short film Bao, which won the Oscar for Best Short Film in 2019. Domee Shi collaborated with producer Lindsey Collins for Turning Red.

Set in the 2000s, Turning Red features Mei Lee, a very popular fangirl boyband called 4*Town. He and three other friends were crazy about this boyband. In the trailer, you will be able to listen to the popular NSYNC song Its Gonna Be Me which is one of the popular boyband songs in the 2000s era.

In an official statement released by Disney, Domee Shi explained his reasons for including the boyband element in the Turning Red story. According to him, the involvement of the boy band in the film Turning Red is an obligation. Mei Lee will become an acute boyband fangirl figure to the point that her parents are against it.

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