Facts About Coachella Braids and Examples You Should Know

Coachella Braids from Evelina Instagram

Coachella Braids is one hairstyle that you can try, especially for those of you who like something more edgy and fresh. Especially when combined with a T-shirt, bright and funky makeup, of course, it will make you more different from the others. However, there are some facts about Coachella Braids that you should know, including:

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YouTube Update New UI to Mobile Version Full Screen Video Player

YouTube Update New UI to Mobile

YouTube is reportedly updating the user interface (UI) for a new video player on its Android and iOS apps. These new UI elements will be visible to users when you’re playing a video in landscape mode on the YouTube mobile app. These UI elements will later include a button to like or dislike the video, add comments, and more. YouTube’s …

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Voiceover Feature Coming Soon to YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts

The new Voiceover feature seems to be coming to Youtube Short soon. This is reinforced by the many rumors that say that Youtube Short will present a voice button that allows creators to record sound without the need for third-party video editing applications. Previously, YouTube introduced Shorts in 2020, one of which was present as a direct competitor to TikTok …

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PUBG New State Officially Changed its Name to New State Mobile!

PUBG New State Changed its Name to New State Mobile

The PUBG New State game has now officially changed its name to New State Mobile. This is officially known from PUBG New State’s official website and their social media accounts have now undergone changes over the past few days. One of them is related to the title change which changed to New State Mobile. As quoted from Dot Esports, a …

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These Android Games You Can Play If You Have a Netflix Subscription

Netflix Games

One of the advantages of having a Netflix subscription is that you can play some games for free on your Android phone. This actually started in November 2021, when Netflix announced that it would launch a new addition to its mobile application, namely games. Even though this service is new, Netflix has added a number of mobile games that you …

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Google Test Smart Download Feature For Youtube Android

Google Tests Smart Download Feature For Android

Google is currently testing a new smart download feature that allows users to enjoy YouTube content without relying on a data connection. ‚ÄčThe new YouTube Smart Download feature can automatically download videos when your Android device is connected to Wi-Fi. As YouTube Music previously offered a similar Smart Download function that automatically downloads music when connected to a Wi-Fi connection …

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