Top 5 Fashion Color Trends That Will Be Breaking In 2022

Fashion Color Trends

Fashion Color Trends will indeed continue to change, whether it’s changing seasons or changing years. This is because fashion color trends will continue to follow the times. Well, for those of you who are contemporary people who always keep up with the times, here we provide 5 fashion color trends that you can use as inspiration. Starting from classic chic …

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5 Makeup Trends That Are Predicted to Go Viral in 2022

Makeup Trends

Trends Makeup usually will always change every year or even every season. This is because usually there are only creative and innovative ideas that appear. Likewise in 2022, entering the beginning of the year, of course, you can’t miss the latest makeup trend info. In 2022 it looks like the beauty world is ready to welcome more colorful and expressive …

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Facts About Coachella Braids and Examples You Should Know

Coachella Braids from Evelina Instagram

Coachella Braids is one hairstyle that you can try, especially for those of you who like something more edgy and fresh. Especially when combined with a T-shirt, bright and funky makeup, of course, it will make you more different from the others. However, there are some facts about Coachella Braids that you should know, including:

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3 Easy Ways to Shape Hair Into Half-Space Buns For Curly Hair Owners

Half-Space Buns

Half-Space Buns is one of the unique hairstyles that you can try. This hairstyle can be an alternative for those of you who are bored with a mediocre ponytail hairstyle. This is because this hairstyle seems simpler and you can use it every day just to watch or just hang out with friends. For some people, having curly hair is …

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How To Make Short Hair Braids

Short Hair Braids

Short hair braids are quite an interesting thing to discuss. Because braiding hair is usually only done on long hair. But what if what you want to braid is short hair? Braiding short hair may not be thought of by most people because they think it is quite a difficult thing. But make no mistake, now there are many ways …

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15 Cool Black And Gold Nail Designs That Will Make You Look Like A Star

Beautiful Black and Gold Nail Designs

Black and gold nail designs will create an attractive appearance for women. Women are one of the people who crave the most appearance when compared to men. Nails can be one way to know the character of a woman. Therefore, it is not uncommon that women often make their nails appear with unique designs and even more attractive with their …

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